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Seasonal workers

We recruit up to 1,200 people during our peak season and you could be part of the team.

The work is physically demanding, therefore you must be fit enough to cope with all elements of manual handling (e.g. lifting, bending, walking and carrying crates of daffodils). You must also be prepared to work in all weather conditions.

All daffodil harvesting is paid at piece rate and payment will be made into your bank account every 2 weeks.

We expect everybody to work hard and we offer training and support at the outset to give you the best start possible.

Daffodil harvesting commences from end of December / early January through to end of April (dependent on weather and crop availability).

Applications for winter work are accepted from mid-August to end of October.

Duties include:

  • Working all day in a field, hand-harvesting daffodils
  • Bending, lifting and carrying trays of daffodils from field to trailer

Work commences from mid June through to end September (or end of harvest, whichever comes first).

Applications for summer work are accepted from mid-April to mid May.

Duties include:

  • Picking bulbs (piece work)
  • Cleaning bulbs (removing stones and soil)
  • Grading bulbs (sorting by size and removing damaged bulbs)
  • Harvesting bulbs 
  • Packing bulbs 

To apply for a job email [email protected] or follow the link below to fill in our application form.

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