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Cut flowers

Cornwall: the finest growing region in the world.

We grow more than 100 varieties of the very best British daffodils on 2500 acres of Cornish land.

The Cornish climate is ideal for growing this popular flower and the early season in the South West allows flowers to be picked from January right through until Easter.

Our packing lines produce daffodils to exact customers specifications, with 40 million of these bunches distributed and sold every year.


Our strength comes from our expertise in daffodil production.

Underpinning our success for producing wonderful flowers is the company’s superb daffodil bulb operation. 

We have one of the largest daffodil bulb stocks in the world, with a reputation for:

  • Vigour
  • Early flowering
  • Quality
  • Colour

What marks our bulbs out as special is their larger size. Rowe Farming are champions of the bigger bulb for the retail sector.

We grow and processes over 7,000 tonnes of bulbs annually, leading the sector in the grading and cleaning process. Our technology is second to none. 

The company’s outstanding bulb production guarantees the quality of all varieties of our daffodils every year. Our bulbs are in big demand not only from the UK’s retail and wholesale sectors but from major markets overseas.

Cornish potatoes

As a leading grower of salad and new potatoes in Cornwall, we grow our potatoes starting on the southern slopes which deliver the earliest of harvests.

Operating from two potato sites, we grow 1100 acres of new and salad potatoes.

Varieties include:

  • Lady Christl
  • Maris Peer
  • Jazzy
  • Charlotte

We supply numerous potato packing and marketing companies, including Greenvale as well as numerous smaller trading entities and various market traders. 

You will find Rowe Farming potatoes countrywide.