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Who we are

Rowe Farming has been trading in Helston, Cornwall since 1952.

Originally a mixed family farm growing potatoes, winter green veg and dairy the decision to focus primarily on potato production specialising in early quality crops was taken in 2001. The Rowe family developed and perfected early and salad production in the unique environment in West Cornwall.

In 2012, Rowe Farming was acquired by Produce Investments, owner of Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s largest fresh potato companies. As part of the Produce Investments group this gives access to resources and expertise that continue to strengthen our business.

What we do

We make use of the rich and fertile Cornish soil to grow quality daffodils, daffodil bulbs and early season new potatoes for UK markets.

The Cornish climate is ideal for growing daffodils and we have one of the largest daffodil bulb stocks in the world.

With our potatoes we supply Greenvale AP with quality Cornish salad and new potatoes, forming the ‘first early’ part of the season.

We operate our flower and potato business from a number of sites. We have two dedicated potato sites as well as site for packing cut daffodils and another for bulb drying and handling.

Our strength comes from our expertise in both areas.

How we do it

We are passionate about our products.

One of the UK’s leading producers of outdoor hand picked daffodils, dry bulbs and salad potatoes. We farm 4,000 acres of crops with the busy seasons complimenting each other, the use of a similar land base, equipment and facilities.

We are extremely proud of our Cornish origins and strive to support local family farms wherever possible. We adapt growing techniques and have made substantial investments in machinery, storage facilities, and packaging equipments to ensure premium quality.

We’ve invested £2m in new technology and new machinery and even designed new bulb harvesters for Cornwall’s undulating terrain.

We are the proud recipients of the M&S Farming for the Future Award.

Our responsibilities

To read our latest statement on the modern slavery act, please download it below.