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About our bulbs

We are champions of the bigger bulb for the retail sector

We have one of the largest daffodil bulb stocks in the world, with a reputation for:

  • Vigour
  • Early flowering
  • Quality
  • Colour

We grow and process over 7,000 tonnes of bulbs annually, leading the sector in our cleaning process and grading.

The company's outstanding bulb production guarantees the quality of all varieties of our daffodils every year. Our bulbs are in big demand not only from the UK's retail and wholesale sectors but from major markets overseas.

Bulbs are available from mid July until the end of September.


UK Retail

Bigger bulbs, better flowers

Our bigger bulbs offer your customers earlier flowering and the best quality. We take a collaborative approach with our customers in order to provide new packaging designs, bespoke display stands and the latest in packaging innovation, offering your customers a real point of difference. If you would like to speak to us about your requirement please contact 


We offer bulbs for export in the following format:

• Tonne bags

• Customer supplied bins

• 25kg nets

We can offer bulbs with or without transport to suit your needs. Bulbs are available from mid July until the end of September