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Working at Rowe

We provide our staff with a happy and rewarding place to work.

Most of the seasonal work we offer is manual picking, packing and grading. All involve a considerable amount of bending, walking and lifting.

We work outdoors in all weathers, rain or shine and you must be prepared to work in any weather condition. The job is physically demanding, therefore you must be fit enough to cope with all elements of manual handling (e.g. lifting, bending, walking and carrying crates of daffodils)

We expect everybody to work hard and we offer training and support at the outset to give you the best start possible.

To apply for a job email 

Living at Rowe

We ensure all of your welfare needs.

We employ all of our staff directly offering you a fairer deal and job stability.


Accommodation will be charged on a weekly basis in accordance with UK legislation applicable at the time. We have a number of mobile homes on site, each containing a bathroom, living area, kitchen and bedrooms.


We provide transport, should you choose to use it, during the working day for all staff living in company provided accommodation. You will be responsible for transporting yourself to and from your place of work if you live off site.

Daffodil Picking

Our daffodil picking teams work in groups of around 50-60 people throughout the season which typically runs from late December to April each year.

Many of our pickers return year after year with some having been part of the team for up to 10 years. There are also good opportunities to progress within the business and manage your own teams and we actively encourage promotion from within.